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Suboxone is a pharmaceutical drug that is used to help treat people in Wyoming who are struggling with addiction to heroin, fentanyl, or any other opiate substance. Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine - a partial opioid agonist that relieves withdrawal symptoms and desires to use without producing the same high - and naloxone - an opioid agonist that causes withdrawal symptoms if Suboxone is injected directly into the bloodstream. This medication assisted treatment (MAT) option is only accessible through a doctor licensed to prescribe Subxone in Wyoming who have completed addiction requirements to prescribe Suboxone to people addicted to opioids and are seeking help. To prevent abuse, Suboxone doctors may demand that patients visit their office to take their doses at the beginning.

Methadone was previously the most widely accepted drug used for the treatment of opioid addictions, with the caveat that it could only be prescribed via a methadone clinic. These limitations made it difficult to access MAT for opioid addicts. The Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 created the option for individual physicians to be able to apply for a waiver, opening the door for individual doctors to prescribe Suboxone. However, there are still many rules and regulations for these doctors that limit treatment. This includes the number of patients they are able to treat for addiction to painkillers and other opiates.

For Help Finding Suboxone Providers Near You Please Call (866)-296-3016? By calling this phone number you will be connected with a third party provider that works with Addiction Treatment Magazine to connect you with a Provider or Addiction Recovery Resource, as outlined in our Privacy Policy

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Choosing a Wyoming Suboxone Doctor

When in search for a Suboxone Doctor in Wyoming there are several factors to think about. To get the best outcome via MAT, working with a practitioner that monitors your progress closely is key to achieving lasting recovery. Connect with the license practitioner and inquire regarding their Suboxone treatment practices, if they typically allow patients to take a few doses of Suboxone home to be self-administered, and how long before they typically start sending clients home with multiple doses.

A few common factors that are important to consider when looking for a Suboxone doctor include whether they are accepting new patients, their office proximity to the patient’s house, and if their office hours work with the patient’s schedule Because of limits on the number of patients a license practitioner can care for, it may be challenging to identify a qualified license practitioner in or near Wyoming. However, if you work, go to school, or have a family that relies on you, then traveling a long distance every day for your Suboxone treatment might not be practical. Our directory or helpline can assist you in locating a license practitioner who works well for you and who is currently taking new patients.

Success Rates of Suboxone Maintenance and Medically Assisted Detox

There are a lot of inconsistencies in the success rates of Suboxone and Medically Assisted Detox, usually depending on the quality of care. Not all Suboxone Doctors or Medically Assisted Detoxes are the same. Unfortunately, there is a high rate of fraud in the healthcare system, and even the Suboxone Maintenance industry is no exception. To encourage a greater success rate during Suboxone Maintenance, we suggest using a trusted Suboxone Doctor.

Suboxone Doctors will either accept insurance or cash pay. Always inquire with the Suboxone Doctor, as to what their payment options are. Keep in mind that depending on the doctor, even if they accept insurance, they may not accept yours. If you are eligible for coverage under your insurance plan, make sure you specifically inquire about what additional out of pocket costs may be associated. Finally, always call your insurance to determine your deductible, out of pockets, and copays prior to going to the Suboxone Doctor in Wyoming.

Alternatives to Suboxone Treatment in Wyoming

Suboxone is only one of several treatment options for opioid addiction. There are alternative medication assisted treatments that have previously been used in Wyoming for opioid addiction treatment, including methadone and Naltrexone. These medications might be available to you but have different regulations. For example, only methadone clinics can administer methadone. For struggling addicts who are ready to break free from addiction and who have a supportive home environment or who live in a sober house, these medication assisted treatment options might work for you.

The following are indications that an individual is NOT a valid candidate for Suboxone treatment:

  • Presence of thoughts of suicide
  • Untreated dual diagnosis
  • Pregnancy
  • alcohol addiction
  • Previous allergic reaction to Suboxone
  • Drug interactions with other medications
  • Previous abuse of medication assisted treatments

People who may not be able to receive Suboxone treatment, unmedicated detox may be the only alternative option. People who plan to take this route, they can expect intense flu-like withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. It is strongly advised to get help from a Wyoming opioid detox facility that can assist in managing these symptoms.