Nothing can bring a group of people together like food and drinks. Is it any surprise that the general population is drinking less? Alcohol that is. As the world shifts into a new normal, social gatherings are making a return without the face mask and 6 feet distance requirement. 

Whether it’s a birthday dinner, holiday party, or work event it can be difficult to avoid alcoholic beverages, especially for a recovering alcoholic. With modern mixology skills and advanced taste buds, now it’s possible to drink socially without the alcoholic repercussions so you never feel like you’re missing out. 

Why We’re Drinking Less

There is a growing culture in the US where many have experienced sober living, even those without alcohol addiction. The internet has even coined a special term, “sober curious” as having the option to choose, question, or change drinking habits for health/wellness reasons. 

It seems like this generation is more aware of the effects that alcohol can cause and thus have found ways to eliminate spirits and live abundantly without them. Some studies have shown that people drink less now than they did even before the pandemic and that number continues to decrease each year. 

Since there is more awareness around alcohol, there is also more acceptance around a sober lifestyle, and building that community is essential for any recovering addict. 

Say Goodbye To Boring Mocktails

Long are the days of ordering a fountain drink at the bar and feeling like an outsider amongst a buzzing crowd in the quest for sobriety. Sober pop-up bars have been making their way through major cities across the US. What many have found is that bars can still exist without alcohol. 

There is a social aspect of gathering around with music blasting in the background, conversing about life, and anything in general. Especially after a long week of work, having an outlet to gather and meet new people is a tradition many people are not ready to part from. 

A sober pop-up bar is an alcohol-free space where you can still socialize within a community of people seeking sobriety or sober living. Some pop-up bars have even specialized in mocktails like the famous mule, mojito, and even the popular espresso martini. They are perfectly garnished to the tee making it Instagram-worthy. 

How To Buy Alcohol-Free Spirits

The concept of sober pop-up bars isn’t only accessible within a community of a major city. With companies like Spiritless and Lyre, it’s possible to curate the best alcohol-free cocktail in your own home. Even better, bring your mocktail to your next social gathering and wow friends and family with how similar it tastes. 

The pressure of drinking with family and friends can be overwhelming for a recovering alcoholic. That pressure intensified during the holidays. Most local liquor stores carry a few alcohol-free brands, but they can also be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep.