Less Is More: Why This Generation Is Drinking Less

There is no surprise that this generation coins themselves as “woke” compared to millennials. There are a number of reasons why people drink less each year. It could be for health/wellness reasons, the adverse effects of alcohol, or just the curiosity about sober living. 

Sober curious is defined as being more intentional about how, when, and why you drink. For someone who is either recovering from alcoholism or exploring a sober lifestyle, the holiday season can be tough to navigate with spirits on every occasion. This holiday gift guide is perfect for anyone who is thriving in their sobriety and is a great way to show support. 

1. Mocktail Recipe Book

Who said alcohol-free drinks have to be boring? A mocktail recipe book is a great place to start for creative spirit ideas. With pages of inspiration, there are a plethora of mixes fit to appeal to every taste bud. It’s surprising to see the combinations of juices, seasons and herbs that come together to make a drink. 

Better Rhodes has curated a list of 75 plant-based, non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktail Party includes recipes like the famous Pal-no-ma and No Way Frose. The book also offers advice on sustainable alcohol-free living and advice on how to order when you’re at a bar.  


2. Alcohol-Free Spirits For Any Occasion

The market is beginning to pick up for alcohol-free gin, vodka, and champagne, you name it there is an alcohol-free version of it. An alcohol-free bottle is a perfect gift for a recovering alcoholic and it’s a great way to help “stock the bar”. 

Lyre’s has created the perfect classic premix pack of premium non-alcoholic beverages. Shop their wide selection of gift ideas here

3. Craft Ice Cube Molds

When a mocktail is aesthetically pleasing you may even forget that there is no alcohol. Specialty ice is a great way to take any drink to the next level. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to shop from that will keep beverages nice and cool. Get creative with ice and freeze fruit, and herbs to give a mocktail some pizazz. Shop W&P Ice Bundle here

4. A Deliciously Dry Experience

What’s better than a live-action demonstration from a mixology expert? This is truly the gift that will keep on giving beyond the common coffee table recipe book. This experience is brought to you by Uncommon Goods and is a 75-minute demonstration to craft zero-proof beverages.

5. A Mocktail Mixing Set

Just because there is no alcohol, doesn’t mean there’s no need for a shaker. Whether it’s blueberries that need muddling or an espresso mocktini that needs shaking, a cocktail set is essential even for mocktails.

6. Homemade Drink Kits

If you’re more of a creative gift giver and like to make things with your hands, create small kits of pre-mix drinks. For example, gather all the ingredients like fruits, herbs, and seasonings that you would need for a mocktail and wrap it up with a specialty glass, and voila! 

Tis The Season To Drink [Safely] & Be Merry

The holiday season can be beautiful when you’re making memories and starting new traditions with your friends and family. If you or someone you love is recovering during the holidays, there are many resources available at AddictionTreatmentMagazine.com so you can celebrate with mind and heart.