There are a lot of great (and often free) resources out there for addiction recovery. One of the most powerful is already in your pocket. Your phone gives you access to hundreds of sober apps like Alcoholics Anonymous directories, habit trackers, 12 Steps guides, relapse prevention, and recovery-specific inspirational quotes. Here are the 11 best apps to quit drinking.

11 Best Sober Apps for Addiction Recovery 

12-Step AA, NA, Daily Meditation

With an almost 5-star rating and nearly 5,000 reviews, this app provides hundreds of guided meditations based on Alcoholics Anonymous literature. There’s also the option to add calming background sounds and music and other soundscape options to help with focus, meditation, and sleep. 


Cute and cheerful, this mood tracker was featured as Apple’s app of the day and Google’s 2021 app of the year. With a few clicks a day, you can thoroughly document your day, from your mood to the weather to social interactions and stressful moments. You can then look back at previous entries to see how your mood fluctuates and patterns in activity, helping you identify potential triggers and coping mechanisms. 

Everything AA

If you take part in Alcoholics Anonymous, then this map is a must. It’s one of the most popular 12-step apps on the market. It comes pre-loaded with AA literature like The Big Book; 12 & 12; Living Sober; The Daily Reflection and more, some in both text and audio versions. It’s the perfect complement for anyone who regularly partakes in AA meetings.

Gratitude Journal, Affirmation

Though technically not a sobriety or addiction recovery app, this digital journal, and positive affirmation generator is absolutely beautiful. The daily reminders and smartphone-compatible widgets make this a great way to infuse gratitude into your daily life. There’s also an option to create a vision board to help keep your long-term goals in focus. 

I Am

If you’re looking for an aesthetic positive affirmation app, you’ve come to the right place. Highly customizable, I Am allows users to choose from dozens of full-screen gorgeous designs and pair them with a category of affirmations of their choosing, such as Stress & Anxiety or Self-Love. The lock-screen notifications are equally as beautiful, making this app a delight that you are always looking forward to using. 

I Am Sober

A sleek app that’s so much more than just a sobriety tracker. Our favorite feature is the sobriety savings calculator, which estimates how much money you’ve saved since getting sober. Seeing the dollars add up is the type of practical motivation we need when willpower is low, and that is why it’s easily one of the best apps to quit drinking. It comes loaded with other features like customizable quote/image reminders, a milestone tracker, and the ability to create a private group to stay accountable together. 

Loosid: Sober Recovery Network

Loosid is a sober social network that has been praised in the New York Times, CBS, Forbes, and Fast Company. It’s extremely well-designed and has all the bells and whistles of the major social media apps, plus a dating component similar to Tinder. This app is great for those wanting to build and expand their sober community. 

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

Simple and straightforward, it’s a sobriety tracker that allows you to track multiple things at once and view them in a single glance. Great if you’re working on both celebrating the end of bad old habits while also wanting to track and celebrate the new ones! This app was created by someone who went through recovery, so they understand first-hand how important it is to maintain visuals of your progress. 

Reframe: Drink Less & Thrive

Created with leading experts from Harvard, Stanford, Emory, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, this app offers a science-backed 160-day program to address drinking problems. It’s also suitable for those who are just looking to cut back. Whatever your end goal is, this app works: 91% of its users reported drinking significantly less.

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an intuitive social network app that feels both polished and familiar. It has a messaging function and a news feed, as well as sobriety-supporting features like a mood tracker and milestone badges. 


Created by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor from Havard, SoberTool is an award-winning sobriety tracker. It also combines motivational messages and insights to keep you motivated, as well as a sobriety calculator. There’s also a stellar search feature that lets you find quotes and readings based on your feelings. 

Want IRL Sobriety Support?

There’s nothing that can truly replace talking, sharing, and connecting with other people. Find an AA meeting or NA meeting near you today.