A clever man once said: a sober party’s still a party, whatever anyone thinks. We couldn’t agree more with whoever that wise man was. If you’ve only recently gotten sober, there’s a good chance that you’re still reluctant to host any event, let alone – a house party. But what if we said there’s a way you can throw a fantastic party without anyone drinking during the night? We’ll introduce you to the tips for throwing an unforgettable sober party. The old you would say that sounds a bit dull & boring, but the old you is someone you shouldn’t listen to anymore. Here are the tips we’ve promised! 

#1 Make a stand

Here’s the thing: try not to feel bad because you’ll ban the use of alcohol during the party. Your friends who still drink will probably have no trouble staying sober for one night. Otherwise, don’t invite them (we’ll talk about that in a moment). Anyway, the most important thing you need to do is make a stand about alcohol consumption, ensuring that all of your guests are well aware that they’re about to enjoy a so-called sober party. That way, you’ll avoid future discussions on the subject. Also, caring for yourself is one of the most critical steps to recovery, so put your needs upfront. 

#2 Careful with the guest list

If you’ve got any friends or old acquaintances you can’t say are supportive or any folks that might pressure to drink or use any psychoactive substances, you shouldn’t put them on the guest list. And, as we’ve implied above, you shouldn’t feel guilty about not inviting folks who are still struggling with an active addiction. Also, be open about it; there’s no need to come up with excuses. You don’t want to risk your sobriety in any way. Since recovery is your top priority, your friends should have a clear picture of your future goals. After all, to avoid relapse, you must know how to handle triggers. Longing for the company of friends who’re “in the game” is one of the signs you should pay attention to. 

#3 Invite folks that lead a sober lifestyle

This shouldn’t mean you have to invite sober-till-death folks only because they’re sober. If you’ve met any new friends during your AA meetings or know people who lead a positive, healthy lifestyle and are fun to be around, make sure they find their way to your house party. Also, if you’re inviting the aforementioned new friends that are, just like you, going through the recovery process, make sure that you ask them if they prefer large groups of people or if they’ve got any particular preferences. Being extra careful won’t hurt anyone! 

#4 Focus on the food

Since alcohol’s not an option, you should emphasize the food. In other words, you’ll want to prepare some original & finger-licking-good eats for your invitees. Whether we’re talking about snacks or complete menus, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s a lot of it, and it’s tasty! If you’re nervous about food preparation, here’s a friendly suggestion: why don’t you ask your friends to bring their favorite dish to share with the rest? Also, if you need awesome recipes, the internet’s crowded with them; you’ll just have to pick the right one, the one that matches your cooking skills. 

#5 Try to avoid buying non-alcoholic beer for the party

Non-alcoholic beers and other beverages that imitate or are trying to mimic alcoholic drinks aren’t a good thing to serve at a sober party. That’s especially evident if recovering individuals (such as yourself or friends you’re hosting the party for) are on the guest list. Instead of beverages that try to simulate their alcoholic counterparts, try to introduce some seasonal, fun drinks to the party. As with the food, you’ll find plenty of non-alcoholic party drink recipes on the web. 

#6 A theme party, anyone?

You might want to consider throwing a sober party that revolves around a particular theme (the theme shouldn’t be sobriety, of course). This might be a great idea if you’re worried your guests won’t have anything to talk about. A theme party will do away with such fears. So, ask your friends to dress up in a specific manner. That way, you won’t have to worry about conversation starters. Also, if a theme party seems too much to you, see if you can make it so that the party is centered around a specific activity—a board game, for instance. 

#7 Try not to make it a big deal

As we’ve implied above, the sole focus shouldn’t be on whether you’re sober or celebrating sobriety. It should be a regular gathering of folks that love the company of others, just without the presence of alcoholic beverages. In other words, you need to introduce the idea in a manner that doesn’t present it as a big deal. The whole sober-party concept should be somehow normalized, anyway. 

#8 Take the party outside

The last on the list of tips for throwing an unforgettable sober party is the idea of introducing an alternative concept. If the whole house-party concept reminds you too much of the old days, try to take the party outside of your home. Bowling is a good idea! 

Ready to throw an unforgettable sober party?

These have been the tips for throwing an unforgettable sober party. By implementing all (or, at the very least, some) of these, we’re sure you’ll throw a party everyone remembers, not simply because no one got drunk, but because everyone had some good fun. You’ll soon find out that fun and alcohol aren’t as synonymous as people assume they are!