Vapor Vodka; De-Mistified

At first thought, you may be picturing the trendy helium-inflated balloon garland replicating a popular drink or can of beer. But, unfortunately, the latest get high quick has nothing to do with helium-filled balloons but balloons filled with vodka vapor. 

In this popular trend, alcohol is a balloon passed around and inhaled, much like another recreational drug. Unfortunately, however, there are many dangerous side effects to alcohol vapor balloons. Alcohol balloons are full of vaporized alcohol of your choice. The user dispenses a bottle of liquor into the machine, vaporizing the spirit and filling up the balloon, where patrons can inhale. The liquor enters the bloodstream immediately, creating a buzz with the first deep breath. 

The Dangers of Alcohol Mist

When you inhale alcohol mist, it goes straight to the lungs and gives the user an instant buzz. Consider it a fast-acting balloon shot, if you will. This could lead to alcohol poisoning and more severe consequences. The fact that the alcoholic mist enters the bloodstream quicker than alcohol can critically impact the user’s judgment. 

The director of public health for Kent County Council added: “Inhaling vodka vapor could be extremely harmful both for short-term and long-term health.” But, on the contrary, the owners of VapShot are claiming no scientific proof that inhaling alcoholic mist is dangerous, and this could be the future of consuming spirits. 

Alcohol Alternatives Going Mainstream

Perhaps vodka-infused jello wasn’t creative enough for this generation of thrill seekers. Now there are all sorts of alternatives to consuming alcohol, from alcohol mist to alcohol powder. There is a constant urge for more and validation regarding who can find the next big thing. 

When Marketing Goes Wrong

It’s easy to become influenced when our phones are walking advertisements. But, from our phones and tablets to billboards on the highway, marketing has a dark side. For example, one of the selling points of alcohol balloons is that it’s labeled “low calorie,” which can be tempting and misleading, especially to youth. But on the other hand, one company states that vaping spirits is “the future of the alcohol industry.” It emphasizes the experience provides “the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts.” 

Let’s take a look at what happens when marketing misleads the youth. For example, the famous e-cigarette company Juul was forced to pay a $438.5 million settlement over marketing to teens. As a result, Juul will refrain from all youth marketing, paid product placement, advertising on public transportation, funding education programs, depicting anyone under 35 years old in advertisements, or using cartoons in ads, among other marketing activities. 

Where to Find the Balloons

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this get drunk quick trend by promoting vodka vapor in bars and nightclubs, typically targeting a younger demographic. Unfortunately, this makes it more dangerous because their brain may not fully develop. 

One thing is for sure: alcoholic consumption trends come and go, but alcoholism is a severe disease that should be treated.