When you imagine the decadent lifestyles of the rich it might never occur to you that some celebrities completely abstain from drugs and alcohol. There are sober actors, sober musicians, and sober socialites. Their reasons for living the teetotal lifestyle vary, some do it to stay healthy and beautiful, others have struggled with addiction and no longer want anything to do with those harmful substances.  This sober celebrities list is likely to shock and inspire you. 

14 Clean and Sober Celebrities

Anne Hathaway

The actress perhaps best known for her role as Miranda Priestly’s drab-to-fab assistant in The Devil Wears Prada has been sober for nearly two decades. Anne Hathaway gave up drinking after she had her son. Her reasoning was that she didn’t want to lose precious time with her son trying to recover from drinking the night before. 

Bella Hadid

The supermodel has always been open about her mental health struggles and revealed that since giving up alcohol she’s felt more control over her anxiety. This doesn’t mean that Bella’s partying days are over there. Instead, she turns to non-alcoholic nootropics to loosen her up and put her in the mood to socialize. 

Ben Affleck

Ben’s struggle with alcoholism began back in the early 2000s when he first went to rehab in 2001. After years of sobriety, he wanted to drink again and was able to do so “normally”, as he puts it, for eight years before his drinking got out of control once more until 2020 as his children have become his incentive for staying sober. 

Brad Pitt

After he and Angelina Jolie’s divorce in 2016, Brad Pitt realized his drinking was too much and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. He credits much of his success getting sober to his friend, fellow actor Bradly Cooper (who is also sober). 

Calvin Harris

Only fairly recently has the famous DJ opened up about his battle with alcoholism. However, he says that his shows are “a million times better” and says that it’s only fair that he’s in proper form for the fans who show up to see him.

Chrissy Teigen

Sassy and classy, this model and cookbook author has always been candid about her life. She first attempted to get sober in 2017 and then got serious about it in 2020. Though she was never at a point where others were concerned about her drinking, she says that she knew it was too much. 

Daniel Radcliffe

Child star Daniel Radcliffe’s struggle with alcohol first began on the Harry Potter set near the end of the series in 2011. Unsure of what was in store for him next, the thought filled him with panic. Now, at 26, he’s fully sober and happy with where he’s at now.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has gone to rehab several times over her short 23 years. As a young actress and singer, she found herself struggling with addiction and even experiencing an overdose. Since then she’s been pretty candid about her recovery journey (and her slip-ups). In 2019, she celebrated her five-year soberversary on Instagram.

Jessica Simpson

Former singer and reality TV star Jessica Simpson publicly celebrated her fourth year of being sober on Instagram. Sharing a photo of herself from her lowest moments in 2017, she speaks out about her journey and also addresses the stigma that persists around addiction and insists that it needs to change.

John Mayer

Singer-songwriter, heartthrob, and all-around bad boy John Mayer certainly lived up to his reputation. It wasn’t until a six-night hangover following Drake’s 30th birthday bash did he realize that he had a problem.

Miley Cyrus

Addiction apparently runs in the family of this country singer and actress, but Miley Cyrus committed to getting sober in 2020. Her initial motivation was in preparation for vocal surgery, but she continued as she realized the after-effects of drinking just weren’t worth it. 

Naomi Campbell

The supermodel and now recent mother, has battled with alcoholism since the 90s. In 2012 after an alcohol-related incident that led to her going to court, she joined AA and hasn’t looked back.

Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert Downey Jr. claimed to have struggled with alcohol as a child which eventually spiraled into other types of drug addictions. He had been in and out of rehab (and even prison) before sobriety stuck 15 years later. 

Russel Brand

Arguably one of the most well-known celebrities who have battled with addiction, Russel Brand has been a vocal advocate about addiction recovery. He has written several books about the subject and celebrated his 19-year milestone since giving up heroin in 2022.